Recruitment Policy


The recruitment and selection process is of paramount importance in order to recruit staff with the necessary skills and attributes to enable Sjef Recruitment to offer the best candidates for the advertised positions.

The Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedures aim’s to provide clear guidance to the client in relation to both the selection and appointment of the required position.

This policy promotes and supports good practice for Sjef Recruitment.

This policy and procedures aim to achieve the following objectives:

Recruit staff with the appropriate skills, both technical and personal, in order to meet the clients current and future needs.

To ensure that staff appointed to posts involving Cooking/Kitchen Management (Chef) and General Management are qualified to carry out such duties or are working towards an appropriate qualification.

Work to a fair and effective recruitment procedure, which is consistent with employment legislation and the Country’s Equality and Diversity policies and practices.

Develop and enhance the public image of the Client, both as an employer and as a quality service provider in the Hospitality Industry.


1. Filling the Vacancy

In order for the recruitment process to commence, the Direct Client must give Sjef Recruitment permission in writing, authorisation, using appropriate documentation. The following documentation must be completed for recruitment to all posts:

* Recruitment Request – filled in by client provided by Sjef Recruitment

* Job Description – provided by Client

* Salary Specification/bracket – provided by Client

2. Advertising

It is normal practice that all vacancies are advertised at the discretion and by any means necessary by Sjef Recruitment.

3. Enquiries

All enquirers will receive a recruitment information pack detailing the requirements of the post. Wherever possible, this will be provided in electronic format and in alternative formats where requested. All enquiries must go through to Sjef Recruitment; at no stage will the candidate be allowed to contact the Employer/Client directly.

4. Selection

Short listing

Candidates will only be shortlisted for interview if they meet all the essential criteria defined in the Job/Position/Person specification sent through by the client. If the number of candidates meeting the essential criteria is excessive, further selection must be undertaken utilising the desirable criteria to achieve a workable shortlist (suggest no more than 6 per advertised position). This selection will take place by Sjef Recruitment with no involvement of the client. The client will only receive the short list once the Sjef Recruitment process is complete.


Once the short list has been sent through to client Sjef Recruitment will have no further involvement in the interview process.

Skills assessment

As part of the selection process, at request of the client, candidates may be asked to partake in a series of skills tests. These tests must be directly related to the role in question and must be measurable against objective criteria. Candidates must be informed of the details in the letter inviting them for interview. A service provider agreed to by both the client and Sjef Recruitment to be agreed upon, all invoices to be settled directly with the client.

5. Appointment

The choice of candidate will be determined solely by the client.

A formal offer of appointment is to be made / confirmed in writing and will be conditional upon receipt of references which satisfy the clients criteria. The letter of appointment and formal offer of employment is to be sent to Sjef Recruitment, who in turn will pass it onto the candidate.

Satisfactory evidence of eligibility to work in South Africa and other appropriate checks, such as Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), if required by the client can be done by Sjef recruitment at additional charges

6. Confidentiality

All application details are treated with the utmost confidentiality. It is the responsibility of Sjef Recruitment to ensure that suitable arrangements are made for confidentiality to be maintained.

7. Documentation

At all stages of the recruitment process, it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that notes are kept detailing the reasons for selection or rejection of candidates. These notes could be called upon as evidence of the fairness of the process, either through an internal assessment or to support an external investigation. The notes should therefore be relevant to, and necessary for the process itself

8. Feedback

All applicants must receive formal written communication informing them of the status of their application. Feedback will be provided by Sjef Recruitment.

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